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We’re Bluetronics, a broad R&D company with a proud history. We are one of the leading & committed colleagues developing & providing R&D,OEM,ODM and PoC services.We deals with Industrial Robotics, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Industrial Wireless systems, Automation systems, Custom electronic solutions. Bluetronics have driven deep into various client solutions like Power management, Robotics, Production quality monitoring solutions, Machine vision solutions, Wireless monitoring, control and logging solutions, machine controllers, Electric Vehicle (EV), DC-DC converters, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Renewable energy monitoring systems, Industry 4.0 equipments, smart sensors,   Unmanned ground & aviation vehicles etc.

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Industrial Mission

Academic mission

To develop Industry-ready & practical skills among budding engineers, so as to inculcate the practical knowledge in them. In view of making the students & staffs to experience a broad exposure to industries, Factories and in R&D using many sorts of edu-tools for the betterment of students and staffs, which includes Industry-ready trainings, Hands-on sessions, Intership, seminars & workshops.

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Services offered:

Having more than 9+ years of experience in handling various challenges in sectors ranging from agriculture to A.I. computing, we always make ourselves energetic in taking problems and solutions from our customers and make them feel-good with our felicitous Real-time solutions. We offer services in the following technical segments

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