Motto, goals & operating mechanism of our company

Our objective is to ensure long-term value creation for our investors through exploring for and producing, transporting, processing and marketing Robotics and IoT services and products.

In Bluetronics, we believe that effective corporate governance is the foundation of a well-run business. Through our governance, we set clear responsibilities for our leaders, employees and partners. We do so because we believe that this is ultimately the best way of creating long-term competitive returns for our investors and ensuring that our business is sustainable—in every sense of the word.

"We seek to run our company to the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability and ethical conduct. We believe that effective corporate governance is the foundation of a well-run business."

- Rajarajan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Our work process

Over the course of more than 9 years of hard work with many large and small projects.
We have worked out the best working process.

Receive and Evaluate
the project overview
Research and
detailed Planning
Deploy and
complete the project
Evaluation and
project handover

Our investors

After our  in 2013, we were enlisted by some of the investors as their primary investment options while undertaking projects for national bodies and coporates like INTEL , ensuring broad and transparent ownership. Bluetronics has one class of shares, with all shares carrying equal right to vote at general meetings.

The decision that shareholders have the right to make or our articles about the association, can be done by a simple majority of votes. In the case of elections, those with the most votes will be elected. However, some decisions, including a waiver of concessions regarding any share issues, to approve mergers or mergers, to amend the terms of our association or allow for an increase or decrease in share capital, must be approved by at least two-thirds of the total votes as well as two-thirds of the share capital is represented at the shareholders’ meeting.

 Our Primary Investor   Navin Shankar K.P.