Clients: SigTuple
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Date: Sep, 2016
Status: DONE

Process of implementation

This is a turnkey project done for our corporate-startup client. This project is the Design & Development of the accessory for automating a microscope. The accessory we developed, will completely automate all microscope operations and the camera attached to the eyepiece take the snaphots of the inpected slide area. 

This is a complete customized product with industrial standard NEMA stepper motors and movement parts. All the enclosure, casing were desinged and done by Bluetronics. The product is done with proper design to takle heat generated during continous operation of the microscope for long time. The complete setup is controlled and managed by app, connected via cloud. 

Overcoming challenges

The project is closed and not considered for further improvements

Tags:Medical, Automation, IoT

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