Clients: Diary factories
Url Link: Not Disclosed
Date: June , 2018
Status: DONE

Process of implementation

This product is designed and delivered to some Dairy (Milk) factories for monitoring the milk storage chambers. It is a Realtime 6-channel Temperature monitor and logger. It is compatible for connecting any type PT100/ PT1000 sensors. It has a high accuracy in monitoring the parameters. It is a embedded linux based device with USB Ports, Touchscreen with GUI, 1 valve control ouput & 2 relay control output. This is a modular product where the no. of temperature sensor inputs and valve inputs can be modified. 

This product is designed as per the client’s requirements:

1. Internal storage upto 4GB for data logging & storage.

2. Data saving to USB storage devices.

3. High accurate real-time monitoring of temperature.

4. Auto valve closure and power cut-off feature when the condition is critical.  

Overcoming challenges

To push the notifications from the temperature monitor like 6-channel temperature sensors, valve status, relay status to cloud to perform Data analytics with predictive maintenance. Also this project is extended to the next level as a networked monitoring unit with a common IoT dashboard with SMS & Email Notifications.

Tags: Industrial Automation, Monitoring system, Data logger, valve control 

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