Client: PSNA College of Engg & Tech
Url Link:
Date: March 11, 2020
Status: DONE

Process of implementation

This is the customized project done for the Main Auditorium at PSNA College of Engineering & Technology. We have done the IoT based lighting automation and stage design where all the Wi-Fi enabled lights are controlled over IoT to bring a different combination of colors for different scenes during and event.

IoT based 12W RGB bulbs and 100W RGB Flood lights are used for this lighting scenes. The rustic bulbs are controlled with voltage regulator for brightness as per the scene at the stage. 

Overcoming challenges

As the next step of the project, we planned to include the energy measurement module and to have unified cloud dashboard to set-up a energy efficient lighting automation for the auditorium stage .

Tags:IoT, Automation

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