Clients: Not Disclosed
Url Link: Not Disclosed
Date: May, 2018
Status: Completed

Process of implementation

This robot is a customized rover with modified manipulator made for a corporate client. This robot’s brain is running with Robot Operating System (ROS) and OpenAI with PCL and OpenCV. Its is equipped with High end NUC, Dynamixel motors, LIDAR and industrial grade aluminium frames with stereo camera. The Manipulator is capable of lifting payload upto 2 Kg. 

This product is developed for the client’s applications as follows:

1.  Autonomous pick and place,

2.  Autonomous navigation, 

3.  Object recognition.

4. A.I. based recognition. 

Overcoming challenges

To implement A.I. and learning algorithms for the robot autonomous navigation in unexplored environment and to do the pick and place action with respect to voice recognition and web interface commands in ROS. 

Tags: ROS, Robotics, Industrial Robotics, OpenCV, Rover, Manipulator,

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