ESP32 Development board

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This is an ESPWROOM 32 based Development board designed by Bluetronics. This is one of our in-house products crafted with all necessary I/Os from our experience. This board suits great for prototyping, learning, and exploring the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT).

For Programming, you can use any USB to Serial converter breakout board. This board has the pins designed for FTDI based USB to Serial converter breakout board.


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The ESP32 development board has ESPWROOM 32 SoC as it is the onboard-brain for all of our evaluation and testing purposes. This board is developed for the audience who are students, hobbyists, academicians, research scholars, beginners who want to start their IoT journey with the basic knowledge of embedded systems. It can be programmed with LUA, Micropython, Arduino IDE. This board is been designed to suit ready prototyping where all the I/Os in the board are connected to the GPIOs of ESPWROOM32 through jumpers. By altering the jumper settings, we can either connect Onboard I/Os or external I/Os to the GPIOs of ESPWROOM32. The SoC has onboard dual-band Wi-Fi and BLE4.2 Bluetooth module. The board can be programmed as station Mode (STA), Soft Access mode (AP), and Soft AP + Station using SoC Wi-Fi. Using SoC Bluetooth we can establish Serial over Bluetooth and GATT server.

This board has been designed to work with all major IoT platforms and satisfying the conditions of the IoT cloud. The major supported IoT cloud platform compatible with our board is listed below.

  • IoT – Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • IBM Watson IoT platform.
  • Microsoft Azure IoT platform.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Atmosphere IoT platform.
  • Thingsboard IoT platform
  • Thinger IO IoT platform
  • UBIDOTS IoT platform
  • Mydevices – CAYENNE IoT platform
  • BLYNK IoT Platform.
  • Thinkspeak IoT platform
  • IoT platform
  • Adafruit IoT platform
  • IoT platform and many more

The onboard SoC supports a variety of IoT communication protocols like MQTT, CoAP, RESTFUL API, HTTP, HTTPS, AQMP, and Industrial IoT communication protocols like RS485 & MODBUS-RTU, DDS, Modbus TCP over Wi-Fi.

This ESP32 development board has the following I/Os on-board to test and evaluate your IoT applications.

Input I/Os

  • Pull Up Switch – 3 no’s
  • Pull Down Switch – 3 no’s
  • DHT11 sensor – 1 no
  • HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor – 1 no
  • MPU6050 IMU – 1 no
  • LDR – 1 no
  • Analog Trim-Pot – 2 no’s

Output I/Os:

  • I2C 0.96″ OLED Display – 1 no
  • Buzzer – 1 no
  • LED – 3 no’s
  • Serial port – 1 no
  • I2C Port – 1 no
  • SPI Port – 1 no

All the GPIO pins are exposed on either side of SoC. So, to use the external I/Os with GPIO pins kindly remove the jumpers of the GPIO pins respectively.


  • Input Voltage: 5VDC
  • Operating temperature: up to 50 deg C
  • Rechargeable battery socket: Available
  • Power Swap switch: Available.
  • Dimensions: Length- 110mm, Width – 110mm, Overall Height – 2.4mm






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