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    Industry 4.0

    We are in era where digitization and adding intelligence to machine and industries are a critical need for every factory/ manufacturing process. The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) building blocks implemented by Bluetronics helps you in achieving your custom-requirements.  It includes all the smart manufacturing methodologies, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning algorithms etc. We, Bluetronics are far ahead in this sector to cater your needs. With rich hardware & software support we help you to design and develop any requirement based on the following technologies and blocks of industry 4.0 listed below:


    Smart City

    Bluetronics offers the following services in the following domain related to the smart city projects.  If you have any requirements or custom requirements to be designed and developed feel free to contact us.


    Why Choose Us?

    Bluetronics helps you in achieving your requirements in Industry 4.0 through A.I. and M.L. tools. With more than 7+ years of experience in this field we assure on timely delivery with cost-effective solutions.

    Dedicated Team with rich experience
    True Partners for Dedicated IoT cloud
    Global Know-How on standards
    Focus On Innovation and R&D with design

    Projects in the field

    Committed & Ongoing projects

    This section shows the committed and on-going projects with our esteemed clients.

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    Committed & Ongoing projects