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    Machine Vision & A.I.

    Bluetronics has been supporting its customers for their intelligent computing and machine supported vision requirements. Being a pioneer in this field of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and in machine vision and intelligence  for Industry 4.0, we are expertise in provide solutions using open source tools.

    We, at Bluetronics have delivered various solutions in machine vision and machine learning applications. The applications include Robotic applications, Robot Operating System (ROS), vision based packaging systems, vision based inspection systems, Intelligent sorting systems, Smart dimension detection systems, Custom object detection and recognition systems, Production quality monitoring systems, Smart vision systems for Internet of Things (IoT) & A.I., IoT data analytics, A.I. based health care systems, A.I. based agriculture  vision systems, A.I. based crop inspection systems and many more.

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    Bluetronics is committed to helping its clients for their challenging requirements in converting their M.L. & A.I. ideas and concepts into experiences and to provide an innovative environment, and to make a difference.

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